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Our Kitchen

In the hands of our highly skilled chef, the finest local produce, the freshest meat, game and locally-sourced seafood are transformed into a journey of the senses.

Chef Dish


Jared Aldridge

A masterful touch with a hint of whimsy...

Jared Aldridge has been Chef de Cuisine at Steak@Customs House for 13 years.


His flavour-packed entrees tickle your taste buds, letting you know you're in for a treat. Jared's specialty, delicious juicy steak, cooked exactly how you like it, will satisfy the heartiest appetite and his delightfully inventive desserts are certain to send you home with a smile on your face.

Jared's new menu, developed during lockdown, promises to deliver the same exceptional quality you've come to expect from a chef of his calibre.  

Chef Jared
Cocktail Drinks

Maitre d'

David Pearce

A skilled and knowledgeable Sommelier

David Pearce knows wine. He can tell you which wines will perfectly pair with the dishes you choose. David also makes cocktails that'll rock your night! That's the job of an expert Sommelier. 

David controls the front-of-house with a velvet glove.  He ensures your table is set perfectly, your questions are answered and your meal is presented in a timely manner.  Leave your special occasion in David's capable hands. Whether it's a romantic dinner, an anniversary celebration, a reward for your employees superb efforts or simply a good night out, David makes sure it's spectacular.

Maitre d' David
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The Restaurant

Customs House History

Opened in August 1902, the original building, designed by Mr D West, operated as a Government Customs House until the late 1970s. The historical value of the building lies in its long and close association with the port of Timaru. This, added to the building's great architectural distinction and prominent setting in the townscape, make it a building of national importance.

Chef Jared Aldridge and business partner Brent Rands spotted the iconic building on a trip to Timaru. Captured by the building’s classical beauty, inherent dignity and proximity to the heart of town, they promptly bought it.  It has been operating as a fine dining restaurant ever since.  To ensure the building was not lost to the ravages of time, the Historic Places Trust purchased the building several years ago and now lease it back to the restaurant.

Dinner Table

Private Dining

The perfect place for your private event

Looking for a venue for your special occasion?  Perhaps a birthday party,  an anniversary celebration, a work function, a business meeting, or simply to get the gang together, all eating in one place. 

Our private dining room, located in the front of the Customs House, and a few steps from the bar, comfortably seats up to 16.  We offer the same excellent service you receive in our restaurant.

Private Dining
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