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How do you like your steak cooked?

There is no such thing as the 'perfect temperature' for a steak.

Every steak lover has their own personal preference, and none are more right nor wrong than any other.

From blue to well-done, there is a temperature that is just right for you.  

We've put together a visual guide to help you choose yours.

steak-blue sealed room temperature.jpg


Sealed, Very Red Centre

Room Temperature

steak-medium 63c warm pink centre.jpg


Warm Pink Centre

Cooked to 63°C

steak-rare 52c cool red centre.jpg


Cool Red Centre

Cooked to 52°C

steak-medium-well 66c slightly pink centre.jpg


Slightly Pink Centre

Cooked to 66°C

steak-medium-rare 57 warm red centre.jpg


Warm Red Centre

Cooked to 57°C

steak-well done 71c little or no pink.jpg

Well Done

Destroyed! Little or No Pink

Cooked to 71°C

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